El Daniels Designs

A way to make your business beautiful!

About El Daniels Designs

El Daniels Designs was started with one man's passion for Art and Design and being able to convey other's visions into reality. With the help of Alexa St.Juste (Fiancée) and family El Daniels Designs was created.

What we are is a way of taking your business and creating a beautiful method of design and marketing to attract the clientèle you want. We have a multitude of services so Let us make your dreams come true. We deal with flyers, cards, brochures, and magazines too! .


These are some of the skills that we have gained over the years of extensive training and doing..

  • Illustration/Layout

    These skills include and not limited to magazine layout, Ad layout, Illustration.Illustration/Layout
  • Print Design

    Any thing from business card design to billboard, Poster and any print desires you have.Print
  • Front end Web development

    Front end web development and coding.Web design
  • Social Media Development

    Image creation for Facebook, Twitter and majority of the top social media platforms.Social Media